John Ciuffo


A Stamford resident and native, he had a vision of Cornerstone Pharmacy in 2012, as “your modern day neighborhood drug store." John has over 25 years of pharmacy experience and honing his talent in specialty pharmacy. He was brought on to develop the HIV/AIDS program at Montefiore’s Specialty Pharmacy, at a time when medicine needed pharmaceutical science the most. He is an expert Medication Counselor and passionate about serving his community.


Dolly Gallegos

Pharmacy Technician

Hailing from Ecuador, Dolly began her career with a Bachelors of Science in Agricultural Engineering. Dolly found her passion for pharmacy while volunteering to translate for patients at Slavin’s Pharmacy, and was hired on as a pharmacy technician 8 years ago. “I have a passion and compassion to help my community.” She speaks fluent Spanish and English, and has served at Stamford hospital, and as a CT Access Health Assister for Connecticare.

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Carlos Martinez

Pharmacy Technician

Born in El Salvador, he has over 25 years of pharmacy experience. Carlos began in Stamford at Bongiourno, and continued to hone his expertise at the Medicine Shop from 2001-2012. “I am doing what I love to do. Through pharmacy, you become a better person. You learn to understand people’s needs and it's the best way to know people.” Carlos served at Stamford Hospital in 1999 until 2001.

What Our Patients Are Saying

"The staff at Cornerstone saved my life! And that isn't for dramatic effect. I have been a customer for a few years and pick up my prescriptions for some serious, but not so obvious problems. I recently went to the doctor for a checkup and he prescribed me a new medication for an anti-coagulant. John, Carlos, and Dolly know me, and knew the mix of medications I was on. They called my doctor and he immediately cancelled the script. Had I taken the medication I would've almost certainly bled to death. Thank you guys! I owe you one."


"My son Sam is severely autistic and blind. He can't swallow pills and he hates the taste of antibiotics, which he needed because he was really sick. John offered to make him a custom mix of medicine because he knew he could make it taste better. He called his colleagues up to figure out the best formula and after two tries he got the flavor just right, and Sam actually enjoyed 'medicine time'."


"Going to Cornerstone feels like a visit to your family's house. Everyone treats you so nice and they make sure that you get the best care. Delivery is no problem at all. John has the best employees... They greet you with a smile all the time. You'll be happy choosing Cornerstone I promise."


"At Cornerstone Pharmacy everyone is treated like family. John and his staff go above and beyond their customer's needs every day! At Cornerstone your health and well being is their #1 concern. Having a local pharmacy where the staff knows you by name is so rare these days, at Cornerstone everybody knows your name. Stamford is very lucky to have them."